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We are so excited for Hannah and Jerry!  Their wedding day was a perfect day full of friends and family joining in to celebrate with them.  The Barn at Pisgah Hill was a fabulous backdrop for the dream that Hannah wanted for her venue surrounded by a calming countryside full of oaks and water.  Adding […]

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  • Karen

    AMAZING WES!!!!!

  • Leah

    Beautiful as always Wes!

In the past week I’ve shared a couple of images from the Camp’s wedding, but I wanted to go ahead and reveal the full post.  As a photographer, one of the aspects I love about weddings is the venues that we get to shoot in.  When Susanna told me that their reception venue was the […]

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  • Lauren


  • Susanna Camp

    This pictures are perfect!! Wes did such an amamzing job and is just a wonderful person to be around! Thank you so much Wes!!!

  • C Brunson

    The pictures capture the wedding beautifully!

  • Christina

    The pictures are awesome! Wes, you did a fabulous job and you were really fun to work with! I am dying to see more!

  • Christopher

    The pictures are great!

  • Hunter Camp

    Awesome job Wes!

  • Jaki Rush

    I’m so glad I got to be apart of this momentous occasion!! These pictures are AwEsOmE!!!

  • J.V. Rudolph

    He did a fantastic job! The reception pictures were my favorite. I’m so glad we didn’t have to worry about taking photographs.

  • Wes, these are so beautiful. Your work certainly captured the spirit of the wedding and the reception. You were a joy to work with and we are so glad Susanna and Hunter chose you as their photographer.

  • Jr.

    Beautiful pictures!!

  • Auntie Joan

    I like that there are many beautiful artistic shots, but also wonderful traditional shots. Wes captured what a special couple Hunter and Susanna are and how much their family loves them!

  • Uncle John

    My favorite part was when Wes climbed up on the speakers to capture the guests on the dance floor gettin their groove on!

  • Sherry Dutton

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Wes you did a wonderful job! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

  • Doris Low

    These are beautiful pictures! I love the venue they were taken in and you did an amazing job incorporating their love of Auburn in their wedding photos.

  • Teresa

    Beautiful job of capturing every moment of such a special day.

  • Mike

    All of the pictures are great. They seem like those taken by a friend–only much better.

  • Lance

    Very Nice Album

  • Keith

    WOW! Great PIX! Great wedding!

  • Tim Camp

    Great pictures. Wes did an outstanding job.

  • Keith

    Wonderful wedding PIX!

  • Jim

    Great photos! Very artistic.

  • Andrea

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Cathy

    Hey, have you ever thought about doing photography for Hallmark? These pictures are amazing!!

  • Lee Berry

    Great photos!

  • Gina Dutton

    Great pics! Love them all :)

  • Megan


  • Benny & Jennie Smith

    Enjoyed all the pictures since we were not able to make it to the wedding.Great shots!

  • Jennie

    Beautiful pictures and such a great mix of the before, during and after!! The video was awesome!!!

  • Patti Stagner

    They’re all so good! You really captured the sheer joy of the day. There was a lot of love in that arena on July 30th! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Jane


  • Ellen

    Beautiful job!! Love the play of light and shadows!! Love the couple! Love the location!! You did a great job, Wes!!

  • R. Bishop

    These photographs are beautiful, and everyone looks great! All the photos show everyone so relaxed and natural. What a beautiful bride!

  • Elizabeth

    Just beautiful! Love all the fun, different type of shots!

  • Lauren

    What beautiful pictures! A wonderful wedding and photographer!

  • jan

    Love them all. So much fun that day. Family. That’s what it is all about.

  • Belinda Melson-Kennedy

    The photos are fantastic! Susanna is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Marilyn Bass

    These photographs are magnificent!!! What a wonderfully captured story for the storybook wedding of Susanna And Hunter! Great job Wes!

  • Chase

    Awesome pictures! Hope we made your time enjoyable! haha

  • Gay Hargrove

    These pictures are wonderful. What a beautiful bride and groom. I pray the Lord will bless in every way possible. Thank you for sharing part of your wedding with me.

  • Mary Beth

    Great pictures, Wes did an outstanding job!

  • laneeshala mccullough

    beautiful bride and a handsome groom! I love your pictures Wes did a great job! Rodney and I really enjoyed your special day.

  • Lakeshia Dowdell

    Wow!!!! I love the pictures!! Makes me want to get married all over again. I see Hunter’s and Susanna’s love leap off the photos!

  • Mina Jeffers

    Beautiful Pictures! Great job capturing the many special moments of their day.

  • Linda Jones

    Beautiful Bride! Handsome Groom! Wes, you did an amazing job capturing the fun had by all.

  • Sharon

    The pictures are beautiful…..captures the wedding perfectly!!!

  • Jill Brunson

    spectacular photos! susanna is GORGEOUS, as always, and she and hunter make a beautiful couple!

  • Dewanna

    The pictures are wonderful! What a perfect day and it was captured by Wes. I can’t wait to see more photos.

  • Heather Harlan

    Great Pics!!!

  • Cindy Trawick

    Beautiful pictures!! Wes you did a great job!! I am very proud of you and your work. Susanna, you were beautiful- with such a handsome groom!! I thought the preacher was kind of cute too!! I love you both.

  • Angela

    Beautiful pictures! Great job Wes!

  • Allison Thompson

    Beautiful wedding and pictures!

  • George Wendelin

    Great pictures of a beatiful young couple

  • Steve Martin

    Beautiful pictures and people!!! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the celebration. I am a blessed man.

  • Hillary Nowland

    Susanna & Hunter looked so great! Thanks for capturing the first wedding reception in the Auburn Arena. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to share their special day with us.

  • Mary Julian

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Amber Lyon

    These are absolutely perfect! I’m so glad I got to be a part of this special day for Susanna and Hunter. Great job Wes!!

  • Amanda Martin

    Beautiful pictures–amazing job!

  • Chelsea Ward

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Loy

    All of the pictures are really great!

  • Milla Howard

    I love the pictures! They turned out wonderful–he did a great job!

  • Katie Hardy

    The pictures from your wedding are beautiful!! Looks like a perfect day!

  • Mitchell Pate

    I can’t even express what a great photographer and man Wes is. He made the family feel so relaxed during the millions of pictures he took. Wes will always be part of our family!!

  • Leslie Speegle

    Your wedding is going to be hard to beat! Every detail is unique and beautiful. Congratulations!

  • Dr. Rex D. Bushong

    Great photography – you had great subjects to work with, especially Susanna. I best remember her as a great little girl at a hunting lodge in West Texas. God bless her, her family and her marriage.

  • Sheila Dean

    I loved all the pictures. Wes you did a fine job!

  • Curtis Dean

    Great job on the pictures!

  • Jennie Mordue

    Loved that the spirit of Auburn was shown, as Susanna and Hunter are such big fans. Some of the background shots of the arena with both of you were so interesting and what a treasure to have; not everyone will get photos on the floor of the arena, and to say that you were the first! Also loved the black and white pictures, just something about them. Wonderful memories to keep forever….hard to find a favorite but loved the black and white photo of Susanna and Hunter on the couch kissing and I am a sucker for the mom and dad pictures with the bride – Wes really caught the joy of your wedding day.

  • Beautiful photos! You did such an amazing job with equally amazing subjects!

  • Curran

    The pictures look great!

  • War Eagle!

  • Michelle Lee

    Beautiful wedding and great pictures! I can truly feel the love and joy that was going on there!

  • Karen Jackson

    Great pictures of such a lovely couple and a beautiful wedding! I was proud to be apart of it!

  • What a beautiful wedding and such great photographs. These will be treasured for years.

Have you ever been to an AU pregame when they release the eagle?  You can’t put into words the excitement and it was hard to put into words the excitement surrounding Susanna and Hunter’s wedding this past Saturday.  I couldn’t wait till the main post to get this image up so here it is.  What […]

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  • Holly

    version of Toomer’s Oaks, Inside the new Auburn Arena, Auburn University

  • wroberts

    You got it!!!

  • Catherine & Jay Harvey

    Beautiful. What a nice wedding

  • Sherry

    Beautiful picture. Beautiful couple. I love it!

  • What a pretty picture and such a sweet young couple.
    A beautiful wedding!!!

  • MP

    great photographer. Does not miss a shot

  • Auntie Joan

    What a beautiful, fun, and special wedding! These pictures bring a tear to my eye each time that I look at them!

  • Ellen Melton

    Great photos!!! I love Auburn and I love the Dutton family! There are some great uses of light and background! You did an AUsome job!!

  • Katie

    I’m not even an AU fan and I LOVE this pic! Cannot wait until next year when you photograph our wedding! You are SO talented!

What is there to do in a small college town?  Not much but its apparently a great place to meet your future spouse!  It worked for Meg and I and it worked for Haley and Adam as well.  I can remember making a trip to Birmingham to meet this couple who had been referred to […]

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  • Jenn McGee

    Amazing pictures. Love that you took the time to lay down on the wet ground to get the rainbow. Truly above and beyond work.

  • Haley

    Wes these are AMAZINGGGGG!!!! You rock!!!!

  • Debbie Metcalfe

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Haley looks stunning. Very unique shots.

  • Emily Campbell

    All of the photo’s are great and capture the special day. My top three favorite include: shot of your eye lashes/dress, the two shots (one on Haley’s face and the other on Adam’s) when seeing each other for the first time before the ceremony, and the shot of the grandparents. The first time seeing eachother is precious and the grandparent’s shot is priceless!!!! Congrats again Mr. and Mrs. Roebuck!!!!

  • Amanda Williams

    Love, love, love these photos of the new Mr. and Mrs. Adam Roebuck!!

  • Adam

    Wes, thanks for everything… these turned out great! We absolutely love them!

  • Nyla Patete

    So many GREAT photographs! I loved the candid pics and the expressions of Haley and Adam seeing each other for the first time in their wedding apparel. Also, truly love the rainbow picture. I saw the rainbow after the wedding and was hoping a shot of it was being made. Excellent job!

  • Taylor

    Haley these are beautiful! Congratulations!

  • Lauren

    Gorgeous couple and wedding! Congrats to Haley and Adam!

  • Taylor

    I didn’t think that photographs would be able to truly capture not only how beautiful the ceremony and reception were, but to also capture the spirit of such a beautiful couple, BUT you did it!! Amazing job!!!

  • Dan Roebuck

    Fantastic! I know we’re gonna want a bunch!

  • Robin

    AMAZING pictures guys! You both looked amazing! CONGRATS GUYS!

  • Christine Foster

    WOW these are absolutely incredible!! You look beautiful, Haley! And Adam, you’re such a stud :) The first glance picture is totally priceless!

  • JessicaAnn Strange

    GORGEOUS!!! I love, love, love them all!!! He did a great job capturing your special day :) Congrats, again you two!

  • Derek Gindlesperger

    Amazing pictures. I am so glad I could be part of this beautiful union. Great job Wes!

  • Jill Coale

    These are amazing pics. I loved everyone. You are a wonderful photographer. Keep up the good work.

  • Kim Wood Casey

    I heart ALL of this pics! You are a great photographer! Adam & Haley look awesome in EVERY picture! I wouldn’t be able to decide which pics to buy so i would have to buy ALL of them if I was Haley’s mom! Super job!!!!!



  • Cassie

    Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous couple!!!!! Congrats to both of you!

  • Kelly Raw

    I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim McGee Jr.

    Very Amazing pictures. I love the candid photos and the way you got the rainbow was perfect. You truly do amazing work. Thank you for making Haley and Adam’s wedding live forever in a very special way.

  • Dawn Houston

    A beautiful couple a beautiful day. May God bless your new life together. We Love You Both!!! Love Mom (Dawn)

  • chance

    these are stunning!

  • Karen Jinks

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  • Debbie Stone

    These are beautiful. You and Adam look like a storybook couple, I shared them with everyone in my office!

  • Sarah House

    This was a beautiful event. Love the photograpers work. I always like the events that B & A Warehouse does, I hope to use them for my daughters wedding. Congratulations.

  • laura

    These pictures are great! I love the group pictures of the whole wedding party and the black and white shots

  • mallory

    all of these are amazing! you did a great job :)

  • Brandi

    Haley you look gorgeous!! And as always Wes your pictures look amazing!!

  • Kaley Jordan

    I love these pictures!! Amazing!! :) so happy for you both!!

  • kristi gentry

    These pics are so good!!! Love the rainbow pic & first time seeing each other. This photographer was a pleasure to be around and did a wonderful job.

  • Katie

    These pictures are amazing! You look so beautiful Hay

  • Katie Grey

    These pictures are STUNNING. My favorite is that one where Adam is making the HAPPIEST face I have ever seen! Congratulations you two! You truly radiate LOVE!

  • Katie

    These pictures are AMAZING!!! What a perfect day for such an amazing couple! Wes, you did an awesome job!!

  • Adam Swan

    The pictures are spectacular. Wes, you did a phenominal job. Adam and Haley, thanks again for letting me be a small part in the biggest day of your lives (so far).

  • Wendy Foster

    The pictures turned out amazing!! Love the first glance and the picture in front of “Mount Vernon” – great shots of a wonderful couple’

  • Judy

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Fay Ellen

    What a beautiful couple, wonderful day and fabulous photographer! I can’t wait to see more…

  • Jessica Bohannon

    These pictures are so so awesome! A job well done by te photographer and Haley and Adam. Y’all are still te cutest couple I know, swear!

  • Inett

    The picture were perfection. So creative and wow what a great job. You captured some of their best moments and left them with such great memories. One of the best pictures I have seen in a very long time! Keep up the good work!

  • Jerem Dorrance

    Awesome pics! Only thing missing is urbi!

  • Absolutely beautiful bride and handsome groom. The photo’s were beautiful. The food of course was the best wedding food ever! and Haley is a very talented event planner. All Brides and Grooms need to talk to Haley about making their wedding as special as her’s.

  • kaitlin

    these are SO cute :)

  • Lucy

    Gorgeous wedding and photos! Just met Haley at B&A – she referred me to your site for my wedding. Great work!

  • Fantastic pics. They need to be in a bridal magazine.

  • Linda White

    Linda These are the most fantastic wedding pictures I have ever seen……Love, Love, Love them!!!

  • These are beautiful:)

  • Judson

    great pics

  • Leslie

    These pictures are absolutely amazing. You are so talented and Haley is a beautiful bride. Great images!

  • jen

    LOVE the first look pics:)

  • Lynne

    What a beautiful and photogenic couple! The photographer captured some amazing pictures that I know you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

  • Mallory Halpin

    Pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Linda Oliver

    Gorgeous pictures! Love all the ones of Haley & Adam together…beautiful!

  • Gail

    Love the 1st look and the grands ! That just takes life to both extremes of love ….

  • Chris & Katie Fries

    The pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! We are so incredibley happy for the both of you and cannot wait to see what the future holds! We love you guys very much!

  • Mirel

    Pictures are beautiful! What a wonderful wedding. Congrats you two!

  • Linda Roebuck

    Wow! These are fantastic! That B&W of Adam, to the left of the ring picture, is one of the best pictures of Adam ever! Love it. Haley is absolutely stunning. Beautiful photos!

  • Lani Moyer

    Haley ~ you made a beautiful bride!!! Sorry we could not attend yours and Adam’s special day. The photos are absolutely wonderful!!! Good luck choosing your favorites ;-)
    Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!! Congratulations!

  • Jennifer

    I love all of these, you have a fantastic eye! My fav is the one of Haley dancing with her mom and dad. Mom is looking at Haley and Jud is looking at Dawn. Haley and Adam have great role models. I know they will treasure these pics for all their lives!!

  • annette coggins

    Hey just wanted to say how great the pictures of Adam and Haley turned out…. They look so in love and the pictures captured that… Great Job and best wishes Haley and Adam…..

  • Nicole Ochw

    Abosolutely stunning pictures!!!

  • Alison Lanphier

    Love the beautiful pictures……Ya’ll are so perfect together.

  • Sarah Dorrance

    You’re pictures are beautiful! So happy I could be apart of your special day!

  • Lisa

    I LOVE THESE!!!! My favorite is the elderly couple :)

  • Jill Porteous

    Absolutely beautiful pictures. Haley, you were gorgeous!

  • Claudia

    the pictures are great but i did not see your favorite aunt love ya

  • bo

    the pictures are beautiful

  • Patrick Dorough

    Absolutely beautiful! Hate that we missed it because the pictures are awesome. Wishing you both a happy marriage. Keep it real! :)

  • Kristen Fuller

    Haley your pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!! They are so high class and represent you so well! I just showed them to my sisters and my mom and they want you to know how proud they are of you and how great you look!
    Good luck to you and Adam!

  • Jane Fuller

    Haley! Kristen just showed me your pictures and I want to support so I thought that I would post! The wedding looks beautiful!

  • Kari Fuller

    Stunning. much love,

  • Jenni Roberts

    AHHHH!! I’m literally OBSESSED with these!!! They turned out BEAUTIFULLY!! Haley, I love you SO much and I am SO happy for you!! You and Adam make the most BEAUTIFUL couple in the world!!

    Love you!
    (aka: grandlittle)

  • Linda Plan

    The pictures are great! Adam & Haley make a beautiful couple! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day.

  • Linda Plan

    The pictures are great! Haley and Adam make a beautiful couple. Thanks so much for letting us share your special day.

  • Mary Rector

    Loved your pictures – everything looks so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The pictures are beautiful and of course the bride and groom.

  • gwen

    The wedding and reception were awesome. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. You make a beautiful couple.

  • jared

    The reception was great and the food was awesome. Great pictures.

  • gwen

    The wedding was beautiful. We enjoyed the reception. The pictures are awesome.

  • Kandace

    Haley you are so beautiful! My favorite is the close up of yall smiling at each other. Adam is one lucky guy, and you can tell he knows it :) Congratulations!

  • jeff

    The pictures are beautiful. Loved the bagpipes.

  • Allison Northington

    The pictures look amazing and Haley you made a beautiful bride!! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Roebuck!!

  • Sherri

    Splendid! Classy! Your pictures caputure both your personalities! Isn’t love amazing…congrats!

  • The Wedding Photo’s are beautiful! May God Continue to Bless you and Adam always!

    Love, Steve and Gwen

  • Janice Young

    Absolutely breathing…..and the monograms were a nice touch.

  • Bob Steelnack

    Amazingly good pictures- – beautiful collection. They’ll provide memories for a lifetime!

  • Margie Tombrello

    A beautiful couple makes beautiful pictures!!! These pictures show nothing but the love yall have for each other. Love them and you both!!

  • Frankie Grice

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Lindi

    Oh my goodness these pictures are so amazing! I love them all…Congrats! Haley and Adam. We love you.

  • Steve Downs

    Exquisite photography! Wedding photos to enjoy for a lifetime of joy and memories together. Thank you for sharing them with all of us.

  • Richey

    I have to say, Adam is one lucky man. Haley is one of the kindest people I have ever met. Her energy, love, and happiness shines through in any occasion.
    love to both of you!

  • Chris Gary

    Those are AUsome pictures! It was great to be a part of in real life.